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KAHINI MAGAZINE IMAGEKahini monthly magazine results in the creation, revision, and publication of your work while banking points toward free writing retreats.

Whether you’re writing poetry or prose, or working in short or long forms, this magazine uses what we playfully call “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Writers” (1. tone, language, and visual style; 2. sensory detail; 3. setting; 4. character & point of view; 5. plot, structure, & pacing; 6. thought/theme; and 7. titling) to take your work to publication level and beyond.

Each month, you receive the beautiful Kahini e-journal, which features eleven new writing exercises based on three new creative-writing craft lectures (and access to all archived lectures); new interviews with vital, contemporary writers working in Africa, the Americas, Eurasia, and Oceania; and three new works of literary art in poetry, prose, and cross-genre work.

Write, Revise, & Publish.
All these lectures, interviews, new creative works, and writing exercises are designed to inspire the creation of new work of your own: writing with new craft tools, and writing in your own true voice, with the eye toward ongoing publication of your work.

Monthly Subscription: the core experience. Monthly craft lectures, interviews, writing exercises, and three new works of literary art each month.

Critique Subscription: Also includes an hour each month of private mentorship of your ongoing work on a word-by-word level, designed to hone your unique writing voice and share it with the world.

Editorial Subscription: Also includes five hours each month of private mentorship on your ongoing work on a word-by-word level.

Unlike MFA programs, you’ll see results, growing quickly as a writer and enjoying yourself as you go. Subscribe below, or, for a one-time purchase, please follow this link.

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Creating Su’ifefiloi in Wellington

On Saturday 5 May Wellington was lucky to host visiting Samoan writer Sia Figiel, who ran ‘Writing Garlands of Stories‘, a one-day workshop that drew on the ancient Samoan concept of su’ifefiloi, or sewing of garlands, to bridge oral storytelling and the act of creative writing.

Here are some snaps of our process that began with collecting leaves and flowers and ended with us heading to the Wellington Waterfront to gift our ‘ula to the ocean.


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Kahini Magazine Open for Submissions

Kahini is an online literary rag unlike any other magazine in the world: subscriptions benefit the work of Kahini’s partner organizations Literature Africa Foundation in Kenya and Writing Our World in Uganda.

Through the act of reading, you transform the lives of the next generation of writers.


Each month, subscribers receive, in our beautiful Kahini e-journal:
–Three new artistic works; as well as an
–Interview with a vital, contemporary writer working in Africa, the Americas, Eurasia, or Oceania; a
–Book review series focused not only on contemporary global artistic work but also classic global literature from our past; and a
–Close reading of a classic or contemporary work of art that also serves as a craft lecture in creative writing.

In addition, Kahini pays $100 usd to our writers for each accepted piece. Submissions are open. Submit work.

About Us:
Kahini programs focus on craft, community and inspiration. Our global collective of artists and writers hosts the Kāpiti Writers’ Retreat and the Kāpiti Series in Oceania; the Kampala Writers’ Retreat and school and community programs in Africa; the Kaua’i Writers’ Retreat and the Desert Writers’ Retreat in the Americas; and Kahini magazine, the online literary journal and community that brings together writers from all over the world.

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