Build your portfolio of written works, with the eye toward ongoing publication.

Dates: The first Tuesday and Saturday of each month
Available below, or by contacting writing@kahini.org.
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The Program

Kahini+ is Kahini’s online workshop series. On the first Tuesday and Saturday of each month, a different Kahini+ faculty member presents a new writing workshop. Workshops are available for individual registration, as well as registering for twelve workshops at a time.

Since our inception in 2014, Kahini participants have published over three thousand individual times in literary magazines, including such magazines as Granta and the New Yorker; released around three hundred books on significant presses, including Scribner and Little, Brown; been featured in the Best American Essays, Best American Poetry, Best American Short Stories, and Best American Science & Nature Writing anthologies; been short-listed for the Caine Prize for African Writing; received the New Zealand First Book Award; and won two Fulbright Scholarships; in addition to other awards and honors.

But our true measure of success is our focus on writing craft, writing community, and the ongoing inspiration of the writing life,



The Next Twelve Workshops

November 10 & November 14, 2020
Techniques of the Short Story, with Midge Raymond


December 8 & December 12, 2020
Writing Illness, with Tamara Sellman


January 5 & 9, 2021
Writing with the Inspiration of Jean Toomer’s “Becky” with Gary Copeland Lilley


February 2 & 6, 2021
Writing the Transgressive Poem, with Erin Belieu


March 2 & 6 2021
Writing Nonfiction, with Rebecca Brown


April 6 & 10, 2021
Writing the Short Poem, with Kim Addonizio


May 4 & 8, 2021
Telling True Stories, with Wendy Call


June 1 & 5, 2021
Writing the Short-Short Story, with Sam Ligon


July 6 & 10, 2021
Writing the Difficult Poem, with Richard Osler



August 3 & 7, 2021
Writing Inspired by Faith, with Colette Tennant


September 7 & 11, 2021
Writing the Short Story, with Glaydah Namukasa


October 5 & 9, 2021
Writing the Fractured Narrative, with Deborah Poe




Registration for individual workshops is available above at $100 each. To register for the next twelve upcoming workshops, sign up for a membership and save $200 on the course series overall.