Because A Baby Is In One Arm

by Rachel Mehl


a Chuckit in the other,
and an excited Heeler at my feet,

it is only after I throw
I see the doe

in my neighbor’s yard
rise and run.

She raises her tail—
the white underside.

Purple flowers sprout
from the compost heap.

My baby sneezes in my hair.
I scuff the crushed gravel with my shoes.



Rachel Mehl‘s poems have appeared in such magazines as The Meadow and the Raintown Review. She has an MFA in poetry from University of Oregon. She currently splits her time between country club swim lessons, ninja zone and cleaning up cat barf.  She’s been sending out manuscripts since George W. Bush was president but still has not published one. She’s not sure if that’s due to bad luck or bad poetry, but hopes it’s the former.