Eleven Stories Tutoring: Write in Collaboration

Ife Piankhe tutors young writers at the 2016 Kampala Writers’ Conference

Teach craft, build community and life-long friendships, and be inspired in the writing life. Begins May 7.

Since 2014, Kahini has partnered with Literature Africa Foundation (Kenya) and Writing Our World (Uganda) to provide writing workshops for youth in East Africa.

We currently have dozens of young East-African writers waiting to join our online program Eleven Stories. This is a certificate program for these young writers through Literature Africa and Writing Our World.

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Your Time Commitment
Five hours per month. One hour per week, with an additional hour during the last week of each month.

Your Monthly Cost for Four Months 
Your $136 participation covers your student’s Eleven Stories membership for four months. These funds support Literature Africa and Writing Our World to host ongoing events in local schools and communities across Kenya and Uganda, and underwrite the 2019 Kampala Writers’ Conference. We begin May 7 and end August 31.

Rwandese writer Jean Paul Seka and American writer Rebecca Brown at the 2015 Kampala Writers' Conference
Jean Paul Seka and Rebecca Brown at the 2015 Kampala Writers’ Conference

How it Works
As an Eleven Stories tutor, you are matched one-on-one with a young writer from East Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, or Burundi.)

You’ll help a young writer write and revise one new short-short story each month of May, June, July, and August–and maybe even write some of your own!

Each and every Monday during our next term (May 7 through August 31) we post a brief craft lecture online in the Eleven Stories Facebook group. We also send it to registered participants and tutors via email.

Each lecture has eleven corresponding writing exercises. Your matched young writer simply selects one exercise to complete over the course of the week, and either posts it publically in our Facebook group or sends it to you privately. Their choice. Either way, you then respond privately (via email), to your student, discussing and teaching the craft elements that you observed being used in the exercise, and conversing about creative writing.

These exercises are designed to lead into a new, completed short story each month. During the last week of each month (May, June, July, and August), your matched student sends you privately or posts publically their new, completed short-short story, not just an exercise. Your private feedback on this story is your fifth commitment hour of the month.

As a tutor, you help young creative writers grow rapidly in the inspiration and craft of creative writing. You also become an Eleven Stories member yourself, and we hope you’ll create new writing of your own, writing alongside the students. Browse the program and how it works. It’s really fun.

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What Credentials are Required?
You have a BA, MA, or MFA in creative writing or equivalent, or are in your final year of your BA course of study, or have been an Eleven Stories member for two years. You are passionate about reading and writing. You live and breathe books and are often found with pen or laptop in hand, looking off into the distance. You are fully committed to participate five hours a month, for four months.

Your mentorship provides opportunities for the next generation of writers to create, revise, and publish
Your tutoring provides opportunities for the next generation of writers to create, revise, and publish

How Do I Get Involved?
Register below through PayPal, and we will be in touch within twenty-four hours for a conversation. If it’s not the right fit for whatever reason you will be fully refunded.

The next Eleven Stories term begins May 7, and goes through the end of August. We have dozens of East-African students waiting to sign up for Eleven Stories who are looking for tutors. Please join us!

How Am I Supported? 
Facilitators Wairimu Mwangi, Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja, and Jordan Hartt check in frequently with you to make sure it’s all working for you, and you’re getting what you need. We also check in frequently with your student, to make sure it’s all working for them, and they’re getting what they need.

What you give: lasting impact to the next generation of writers. What you get: lasting connection with the next generation of writers–and, hopefully, new writing of your own!

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wairimuWairimu Mwangi is a writer and the founder of the Literature Africa Foundation. She manages Eleven Stories. Her educational textbooks are used in schools across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ghana. She is passionate about quality education for all and believes that without books or material to read, literacy suffers and when literacy suffers, opportunities decline. She enjoys mentoring youth, storytelling, travelling, reading and meditating.

IMG-20160112-WA0006-1Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja is the founder of Writing Our World, an organization in Uganda that uses writing, debate and spoken word to give a platform to people to express themselves. He manages Eleven Stories and the Kampala Writers’ Conference. He is an events’ organizer who also runs the the writers’ club ‘Coffee and Books’ that happens monthly in Kampala. In 2014, his story ‘Walls and Borders’ won the Eastern Africa Writivism Literary prize.

jordan copyJordan Hartt manages Eleven Stories, the Kaua’i Writer’s Retreat, and the Desert Writers’ Retreat. Participants in his programs have published over three thousand times in literary journals, released over two hundred books on nationally ranked presse, and been featured in the Best American Essays and Best American Short Stories anthologies. Hartt’s own writing has appeared in about forty literary journals. A collection of stories, “Leap,” appeared in 2015.