by Netumare Getahun


When I was five years old, me and my family went to my favourite place, Bahir Dar, in Ethiopia. It was my first time going there but my family had been there many times. We took a taxi but the taxi was full of so many people from different places that my younger sister and I had to sit on my mum and my oldest sister’s lap which wasn’t comfortable. After 30 minutes we got to the place. When I got out of the taxi everything was so different to where I lived. Where I lived wasn’t as beautiful because it was a very small village in the countryside. Everybody knew each other and would go to each other’s houses. It wasn’t very developed. In Bahir Dar people didn’t know each other that much and didn’t often go to other people’s houses, because it’s a such big place. But they were really friendly.

The trees were making this beautiful sound. There was a lot of music and shops as well. I stood there and started to look around at how friendly, happy and smiling the people were. The place was really amazing. It was really crowded though. When we were checking out the place we went clothes shopping. I didn’t want to get out of the shop until I had finished trying on all the clothes. All the clothes were so beautiful. I had never seen so many different kinds.

While we were walking around I felt free, I felt at home and I was really happy. As me and my family walked down the street, all my family found their old friends and they started to talk to them. I was standing behind watching them talk and laugh. In that moment I felt lonely for the first time but it was all good because then they introduced me. I made so many friends and met amazing new people. The trees kept rustling and I just wanted to listen to them all the time. It was amazing to see the people’s freedom.

Bahir Dar is the most beautiful place in Ethiopia. A lot of people go there to visit or to live. Bahir Dar had a competition with another city in Ethiopia, and Bahir Dar won because it was the most fascinating city ever. Bahir Dar is very hot but it’s really comfortable to live there.

After 12 years I went back and everything was different. It was more amazing than before. When we pulled into town we saw the wide streets shaded by palms and trees and views across Blue Nile. I felt free and happy. The town is like any other Ethiopian place but has some wonderfully quaint streets lined with palms. It’s surrounded by cool mountain air. Bahir Dar is the most amazingly beautiful place in Ethiopia, so this is why it’s my favourite place in the world. I can’t wait to go back again; I really miss it even though I went there last year.





My name is Netumare Getahun. I was born in Ethiopia which is in East Africa. I am a student. I go to St. Catherine’s College which is my favourite girl’s school in Wellington.