I Hate That Window

by Nasiim Abdi


God I hate that window. It always seems like something bad is coming from there or watching me through there. I wish there was no window. And why is it right above my bed? Why don’t I just move?

Because I can’t do it on my own and no one will help me. They all think I am crazy.

What was that? There was no way that it was just in my imagination and me hearing things again. What’s with all the sound coming out of that window? What’s with all the screaming? Grandpa never raises his voice like that or yells at anyone. I must go look. Maybe grandpa is in trouble.

The dress I am wearing is far too long; I can’t even walk in it. Why does mom always put me in this? Probably to make sure I don’t move. I have to go help grandpa.

“Mom, what’s going on, what’s with all the screaming?”

“Just go back to your room Nasiim”.

How am I supposed to sleep though this? Why is grandpa’s car outside the gate? He never drives this late, it’s like 4am! In fact, I am pretty sure he hasn’t driven in months. Why are the cops here? Grandpa don’t hurt them!

Please calm down, it’s not worth it, it’s just a car. We can buy a new one; I will buy you a new one. I have to stop wearing this long dress. I hate that window.





This is Nasiim Abdi. Reporting from Wellington City, New Zealand. Used to report from Somalia and then Ethiopia. Mission has been shifted to New Zealand late 2007. Process is currently undergoing. Mission will be accomplished shortly.