Kahini Magazine: Full-Year Subscription

KAHINI MAGAZINE IMAGESubscribe to twelve months of Kahini magazine all at once: one full year of new craft lectures (and access to past archived lectures); interviews with writers working in Africa, the Americas, Eurasia, and Oceania; and new works of literary art in poetry, prose, and cross-genre work.

Registering at one time for the Critique Subscription (396,000 points) or the Editorial Subscription (3,600,000 points) means you automatically hit the point total needed for a free writing retreat or retreats. Contact [email protected] to redeem or learn more. Registering for the regular subscription earns you an immediate 36,000 points.


Monthly Subscription: the core experience. Monthly craft lectures, interviews, writing exercises, and three new works of literary art each month. To accelerate your writing, add an editorial session at any time, as you choose. Earns 3,000 points per month.

Critique Subscription: Also includes an hour each month of private mentorship of your ongoing work on a word-by-word level, designed to hone your unique writing voice and share it with the world. Earns 33,000 points per month.

Editorial Subscription: Also includes five hours each month of private mentorship on your ongoing work on a word-by-word level. This is an MFA-level program and results in your completed book within one year. Earns 300,000 points per month.