Kahini Quarterly’s Annual Anthology

Upcoming Anthology Mail-Out Dates: December 14, 2020; December 19, 2021; December 18, 2022; December 16, 2023

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Each December, we thank our Supporting and Sustaining Subscribres with the year-end print anthology.

Running to about 300 pages, this book features the work of young writers who write through the Literature Africa Foundation.

For nearly all these young writers, this anthology is the first time they’ll see their┬ánames in print.

Kahini mentor Ife Piankhi

These works are framed and supplemented by essays from our faculty and facilitators discussing the histories, languages, backgrounds, and geographic contexts from which our students write.

In addition, the anthology includes all the creative work and interviews published throughout the year at Kahini Quarterly.

Thank you for supporting Kahini’s youth workshops and all that you do on the writing journey.