The Kaua’i Writing Studio

Past Residencies: January 29-February 4, 2017; January 28-February 3, 2018; January 27-February 2, 2019; June 2-8, 2019.
Upcoming Residencies: November 10-16, 2019 (full); January 26-February 1, 2020; April 5-11, 2020; July 19-25, 2020; October 4-10, 2020; November 15-21, 2020.
The Program: The Kaua’i Writing Studio offers exquisite week-long writing residencies in Po’ipū, Kaua’i; proceeds support the Literature Africa Foundation, a Kenyan NGO run by Kenyan writers whose mission is to empower and education young people, particularly young women writers.
What You Give: $3,000
What You Get: An private one- or two-bedroom villa or a private room at the upscale Grand Hyatt on the south shore of Kaua’i (your choice), airport pickup and dropoff (if you wish), and grocery store runs, as well as all the Studio’s activities: gentle morning yoga and breathing exercises, morning writing sessions, afternoons to enjoy the island, and evening conversations with the Literature Africa Foundation directors if you wish. Also includes a lei greeting upon your arrival from our Hawaiian hosts.
Contact: or 360.531.1472.
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The Kaua’i Writing Studio Residencies

The Kaua’i Writing Studio is for anyone who wants to enjoy the island of Kaua’i, while giving back to the next generation

Live for a week in Hawai’i; change the world.

The Kaua’i Writing Studio provides week-long writing residencies in Po’ipū, Kaua’i, at the luxury Grand Hyatt hotel or spacious private villa (your choice) in order to benefit the Literature Africa Foundation.

Vacation with purpose.

Choose between a private room at the upscale Grand Hyatt, or a private villa all to yourself

Bring spouse/partner, family, friends, or come by yourself, connect with other residents as you wish, and enjoy one of the best weeks of your year–all while supporting the next generation.

Read, write, and transform the next generation

Write in Hawai’i, and support the next generation of writers

This program is for anyone. You don’t have to be a writer–we do both yoga and writing sessions as a way of connecting as a community. If you love being in Hawai’i, and want to connect meaningfully with other people while doing good things for the world, residency space is open in January, April, July, October, or November of each year. 

Each residency week features optional community gatherings in the morning from 10 am to noon. But your time is your own: to read, to write, and to live in Kaua’i for a week.

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Jordan Hartt


Residency Registration

Sunset from Brennecke’s Beach

1. Contact or call directly 360-531-1472 to select your residency week; or simply register directly below.
2.  Once we’re three months out from our start date, which is the best time to buy flights, you’ll begin to receive logistics and arrival emails full of information about the area.
3. You arrive at the airport! We do airport pickups/dropoffs; you only have to rent a car if you want to explore the surrounding area by car.

The Kaua’i Writing Studio is all about craft, community, inspiration–and memories for life

Residency Schedule
Once you arrive on-island, each day is designed to provide inspirational community sessions in the morning, followed by afternoons to explore and enjoy the island, and evening gatherings to attend as you see fit. 

All residency events are optional: your time is your own, to read, write, revise, and be.

Live in paradise, while giving back to the next generation

4 pm-onward: Arrivals, getting settled.
10 am to 10:30 am: very gentle morning yoga and breathing meditations
10:45 to 11:45 am: morning writing session
7 pm to 8 pm: evening soiree with directors of the Literature Africa Foundation
10 am to 10:30 am: very gentle morning yoga and breathing meditations
10:45 to 11:45 am: morning writing session
7 pm to 8 pm: evening soiree with directors of the Literature Africa Foundation
Writing day/island day
10 am to 10:30 am: very gentle morning yoga and breathing meditations
10:45 to 11:45 am: morning writing session
7 pm to 8 pm: evening soiree with directors of the Literature Africa Foundation
10 am to 10:30 am: very gentle morning yoga and breathing meditations
10:45 to 11:45 am: morning writing session
7 pm-9 pm: celebratory final farewell 
Departure by 11 am


Our Home On Kaua’i

Our writing spots are hard to beat!

Po’ipū is a small beach community nestled on the south shore. The weather is protected by the mountains, meaning that it’s the sunniest spot on the island. You’ll find palm trees, plenty of restaurants and shopping, and the craft, community, and inspiration to create great memories for life.

The Grand Hyatt features a spa, golf, onsite restaurants, and multiple pools, all right on the beachfront

Each morning, yoga, breathing, and writing sessions help us loosen our writing muscles and get words on the page.

In one of the most beautiful and inspiring locations on earth, spend your afternoons
writing or enjoying the best of what Kaua’i has to offer, including playing on the beach or water; discovering the history, culture, and natural beauty of Kaua’i; or reading and writing at good restaurants and cafes.

During the week we have evening gatherings for you to attend as you see fit, meeting the directors of the Literature Africa Foundation over drinks and conversation.


Frequently Asked Questions

The oldest island on the Hawaiian archipelago, Kaua’i entrances and inspires

Do I need to rent a car?
You don’t need to rent a car, as we do airport pick-up and drop-offs, and there is enough on the south shore to keep you busy for a week. However, many residents find that having a car allows them to explore the rest of the island (which we also recommend) so it depends on how, personally, you want to spend your week on Kaua’i.

Stay in luxury, while supporting the Literature Africa Foundation

Are meals included?
Because each resident has their own unique dietary needs, we do not provide food. All villa
residences come with a fully equipped kitchen, and there are a number of grocery stores and restaurants nearby. For those using our airport pick-up and drop-off, we are happy to take you a grocery store on the first Monday afternoon of the residency week.




Wairimu Mwangi (l) director of the Literature Africa Foundation and Kaua’i Writing Studio facilitator Jordan Hartt (r)

Registration available below, or by simply calling 360.531.1472.

Private Villa: A spacious one-bedroom villa all to yourself, featuring kitchen, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and living room, as well as lanai (balcony).

Grand Hyatt: Kaua’i’s most beautiful (and upscale) resort experience. This luxury oasis with lush gardens and acres of pools offers ocean view dining, rooms with private lanais, championship golf and Anara Spa.

Either option is available to you! As this is a fundraising program, residency fees are not refundable, but are transferable: if a particular week no longer works for you, you may attend any later week–at your choosing!



Jordan Hartt is the author of the collections of poetry “Leap” and “Drifting,” with a new book forthcoming in 2020.

His lifework is creating experiences where people find the craft immersion to reach for their best writing, find the community to connect meaningfully across backgrounds, and find the lifelong inspiration of the writing life.

To do this, he facilitates the Kaua’i Writing Studio; hosts the Studio’s five annual writing residencies in Po’ipū, Kaua’i, as well as annual writing retreats in Kolkata, India, and Kampala, Uganda; and gives as a philanthropist to artists and visionaries around the world.

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Residency Blurbs

“The Kaua’i writers residency was a treat. What struck me most were discussions we had about the struggles of writing, publishing, and ultimately being open to try new approaches to expand my horizons.”
~Tom Arthur

“Most importantly, this thing is fun,

“It’s more than a workshop, it’s a retreat that brings new words for the page.”
~Dianne Butler

“The five days I spent at Kahini’s Kaua’i retreat last June gave me the focus and space I needed to drive to the finish of a novel in progress. A perfect blend of solitude and community in one of the most beautiful natural settings on earth. I highly recommend it!”
~Audrey Kalman

“Not only is the writing retreat generative–it’s fun. And it’s Kaua’i. A lot that’s wonderful happens in a week there. I’m glad to be going again in January.”
~Susan Landgraf

“Just what I needed. I can’t say enough. To be able to get this kind of writing community and have it be affordable and not competitive in spirit allowed me to be inspired, get a lot of work done, and make new friends. Thanks so much.”
~Genevieve Parks

“I love Kaua’i. It’s magical and inspiring, and I’ve written some of my best flash fiction there. And I’m awed when other attendees (quite suddenly) advance to higher levels by producing material mere edits away from being ready for publication.”
~Alison Reese

“I really can’t thank you enough for this. Also, I spent many years in the event planning business and y’all have got this down. Very impressive. Thank you.”
~Arica Veldez

“The Kahini workshop I attended in Kaua’i was one of the best I’ve been in. Excellent teaching, writing exercises that led to poems, beautiful place, and, most important, a group of dedicated writers who formed a community for a little while.”
~Richard Widerkehr