Me & My Music

by Nasiim Abdi


When I try to think of something random, nothing seems to come to mind.

Sometimes when I try to relax, my brain seems to be at its most active.

I reckon that’s unfair, my brain sucks.

The only thing that can really take over my brain is music.

Or a good movie.

My favourite movie is the Departed.

But I can never really decide on my favourite singer or song.

People are always so concerned about choosing a favourite.

I reckon we shouldn’t have to.

Good music is just good music.

When I need inspiration.

Music is my inspiration.

Now all I can think about is music.

“It’s such a, good vibration.”

And now I am singing.

I don’t know the rest of that song but who cares, it’s still a good song.

My Iphone has full memory.

I could delete an entire photo album or 5 apps in a row but I can never delete a single song.

I probably need help.

Sometimes I wish I could sing.

But to be honest, I wouldn’t want to become a singer. I believe you don’t always have to make money out of everything you love. You can just enjoy them.




This is Nasiim Abdi. Reporting from Wellington City, New Zealand. Used to report from Somalia and then Ethiopia. Mission has been shifted to New Zealand late 2007. Process is currently undergoing. Mission will be accomplished shortly.