My First House

by Ninweh Polus


When I remember my first house that was back in my amazing country Iraq, I sometimes cry. I cry because I spent all my childhood in that house. I used to do everything in it, I played in it, and I did my school work in it. So it was not easy to leave that house and move to a different house in a different country.

My first house was not too big and at the same time not too small but, it was enough for me and my family. It had only two bedrooms and they were not that big. Since we were six people in the house we had to share the rooms, so my dad, mum and my little sister who was only 3 months old, slept in one room. Me and my other two sisters slept in the other room. Although we had to share the room, we had fun together. Sometimes we would talk and laugh and not sleep till it was about 12:00 am.

Our kitchen was small too and we had lots of things in it. We had our big white fridge and our freezer and we had also a big table sitting in the middle of the kitchen. I miss our wonderful, colourful kitchen. I used to go there and wash the dishes while my mom cleaned our bedrooms. Next to our kitchen we had a bathroom and a toilet. Our living room was big. We had three sofas in it and a beautiful TV. Our TV was next to the window. The bright yellow sun would shine through the window, and sometimes we couldn’t watch it because the sun would be in our eyes. It was very hot, and we would put the fan on to cool us down.

We had a tiny garden in front of our house, which had colourful flowers. I used to call it “the small zoo” because we had chickens, a dog and a cute little grey cat who would always go into it. The dog used to bark because the chickens annoyed him and so did the cat. I remember once me and my friend went and picked all the flowers because they were really beautiful to play with. We would make crowns with the bright coloured flowers. But we got in trouble with my mom. She shouted at us with her loud voice. We ran around and around the house and off to the garden again.

When I remember my first house, I wish I could go back and have my childhood again. I really miss that house and all the memories. Even now whenever I call my relatives who are still there, the first thing I do is ask them about my house. If I go to Iraq one day, the first thing I will do is go see my beautiful house and our garden (the small zoo).




NinthHello, my name is Ninweh Polus. I was born in Iraq, in my beautiful city, Musil. I came to this peaceful country in 2012. I go to Saint Catherine’s College which is my favourite school in Wellington. I love lots of things for example playing soccer and everything to do with fashion. I want to share one of my favourite quotes, it goes like this: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”