Ndi Umunyarwanda (I Am Rwandan)

ssekandiWhere: Kigali, Rwanda
When: October 29-30, 2014
Facilitator: Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja

In this workshop, we shall look at aspects and attributes that make us feel at and call a place home. We shall dwell on the emotions that rise out of our attachment to our nation, country or individual homes and be inspired to tell each other stories of feeling at home, being at home or even being and feeling away from home.

We shall also examine aspects of belonging to a group or society and the feelings we get. We shall also examine the alternative feelings, thoughts and emotions that come up as regards our belonging (or exclusion) from a group.

Above all, through this workshop, we shall share our experiences by telling others stories according to prompts by the facilitator, we shall listen to other’s stories with keen interest to identify aspects of their tales we connect with, striving to put ourselves in the shoes of others. We shall also write stories both out of predetermined experiences and spontaneous thoughts that we develop through our interaction with others.

The government of Rwanda has recently put in place the policy of “Ndi Umunyarwanda” (I am Rwandan) and we shall use our stories to show and tell the world what makes us Rwandan and how we feel about being Rwandan.

The workshop will culminate in the writing of a short piece about what it means to be Rwandan.


Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja is a writer, poet, and law student. He is the executive director of Writing Our World, an NGO in Uganda that empowers young writers to contribute to positive change in their communities. He is also Peace Fellow of The DO School in Germany and a member of the Ugandan Youth Advisors to Washington.