Editorial Session

KAHINI MAGAZINE IMAGERevise and publish your work, while building points toward writing retreats.

Register for one hour of word-by-word analysis geared toward your specific level and style of writing.

In the past four months alone, participants have published twelve short stories, won two writing contests, and a writing fellowship.

These sessions not only take one thousand words to their next level: the exceptional craft tools we discuss take your overall writing to the next level and beyond. 

Contact [email protected] to learn more or simply register below. Each time you sign up for this service, you also receive 30,000 Kahini magazine points that can be applied toward in-person writing retreats.

The reason we discuss 1,000 words at a time: all writing is generated through individual word choice. It sounds elementary, but the only way to improve writing is to go slowly, word by word, looking a sensory detail, setting, character, point of view,  tone, style, visual presentation, plot, structure, pacing, thought/theme, and titling, at the level of the word. It’s painstaking–yet really fun to engage with words at that level. And results come much faster than looking at pieces from the thirty-thousand foot view.

We discuss:
~sensory detail
~character & point of view
~plot, structure, & pacing
~tone, style, and visual presentation
~thought/theme; and

Contact [email protected] to learn more.

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Jordan Hartt is a reader, writer, writing teacher, editor, and community & events organizer who serves around six thousand writers per year. He’s the managing editor of Kahini magazine and facilitates annual writing retreats in Kaua’i (two per year), Maui, Hawai’i Island, and Kampala, Uganda.

In the past decade, participants in Hartt’s writing programs have published three thousand individual times in literary magazines, including all major magazines; released over two hundred books on nationally and internationally ranked presses; been featured in the Best American Essays, Best American Poetry, and Best American Short Stories anthologies; and short-listed for the Caine Prize for African Writing.

Hartt’s writing has appeared in about forty literary magazines and journals. His collection of stories, “Leap,” appeared in 2015. He is currently at work on a new collection.