Opening the Window to Let in the Light

A conversation with Marco Sonzogni on the gift of translation

Date11 am, Saturday, 15 November
Location: Wellesley Boutique Hotel, Wellington, New Zealand.
(Presented as part of LitCrawl Words on the Street.)

‘Translation it is that openeth the window, to let in the light’ said the translators of King James’ Bible. Ngũgĩ wa Thiongo’o describes translation ‘…as conversation…the language of languages, the language that all languages should speak’.

Join Marco Sonzogni as he discusses these ideas in the context of his work translating Seamus Heaney, one of the major poets of the 20th century and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. During the session we will also read and discuss ‘Digging’ and ‘The Forge’ by Seamus Heaney as a means for thinking about how to approach the nuances of language and culture.

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Marco Sonzogni is an award-winning editor, poet and literary translator. He is the current Director of the New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation and Senior Lecturer in the School of Languages and Cultures at Victoria University.