Postcard to My Aborted

by Jenifer Browne Lawrence


too  young  to  harden  flower
in  the  heat  of  a  garden  you
span  the  earth  perception
spins  roots  from  slow  to
petal  to  silk  dropped  pink  by
pink  outside  your  window
a  star  opens  spent  blossoms
and  I  wander



Jenifer Browne Lawrence is the author of “Grayling” (Perugia Press), and “One Hundred Steps from Shore” (Blue Begonia Press). Awards include the Perugia Press Prize, the Orlando Poetry Prize, and the James Hearst Poetry Prize.

Her work appears in Bracken, Cincinnati Review, The Coachella Review, Los Angeles Review, Narrative, North American Review, and elsewhere. Say hello on twitter @JeniferBrowne