by Nasiim Abdi



S is for Somaal

The oldest form of work for Somali families, milking livestock for trading and business.

O is for Onkod

The thunder that chases the livestock before rain, but will make their lives a lot better.

M is for Maghreb

The call for prayer at sunset that also means working hours are over.

A is for Aroos

The wedding where the entire neighbourhood is welcomed, including the animals.

L is a for Lascaanood

The Somali city known for its rich livestock and successful tanning industry.

I is for Ilays

That light provided by the moon and the stars at night when families have their dinner under the trees in the fresh breeze.




NasiimThis is Nasiim Abdi. Reporting from Wellington City, New Zealand. Used to report from Somalia and then Ethiopia. Mission has been shifted to New Zealand late 2007. Process is currently undergoing. Mission will be accomplished shortly.