Studies in Short Fiction

Read. Write. Publish.

studies in short fiction
Facilitator: Jordan Hartt
$117 usd
Location: Readings, lectures, and lessons arrive via email, every two weeks.
Registration: available down the page, or contact [email protected]

This course is about reading, writing, and publishing, designed for serious writers of all levels who want to publish their work—from the comfort of home.

How it works: on the first and third Monday of each month (Kaua’i time, UTC -10:00), you receive a beautifully designed email that analyzes the craft techniques of one short story–by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, by Alice Munro, by Gabriel García Márquez, or by William Trevor. And you’ll learn how to use the same craft techniques in your own writing. 

We look at sensory detail; setting (time/place; internal/external); character and point(s) of view (central or viewpoint characters, peripheral characters, first-person reliable, first-person unreliable, first-person plural, second person, third-person omniscient, third-person limited, third-person observational/objective, third-person distant, third-person close, third-person internal consciousness); verb movement (present, past, future, modal, etc.); plot; structure/scene/pacing; tension/conflict; moment of (non)decision(s); result of (non)decision(s) or character (non)change(s); ending(s); tone/language; dialogue; titles; the artistry of style; and thought/theme.

The course is designed to be built around your schedule, as you wish. And, whenever you want, you can add a one-hour editorial session to help prepare your newly completed work for submission for publication (because of the depth of the readings and lectures, a lot of writers publish their own writing without this extra boost.)

Participants at one of our annual in-person retreats  discuss a story’s beginning paragraph

Since our inception in 2014, Kahini participants have published over three thousand individual times in literary magazines; released over three hundred books; been featured in the Best American Essays, Best American Poetry, Best American Short Stories, and Best American Science & Nature Writing anthologies; and won fellowships to such programs as Tin House and the University of Iowa.

The Kahini model establishes new writers and provides established writers with ongoing inspiration in the writing life.


Write, revise, and publish your work, taking your work to its next level and building your portfolio of publications.



bio image 15I’m the author of the collection of short stories “Leap,” with a new collection, “Drifting,” forthcoming in January. Since 2002 I’ve taught college creative writing, run the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference and the Desert Writers’ Retreat, and led multiple writing events all over the world, serving around 3,000 writers per year. This course, Studies in Short Fiction, combines all the best practices of how to write good fiction, and is designed to get you publication results that showcase your true, authentic voice. The world needs your words.
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Jordan Hartt