The 2018 Kāpiti Writers’ Retreat was a Blast!

Thank you to everyone who was part of the 2018 Kāpiti Writers’ Retreat. This year was our biggest yet and it was wonderful to see so many new and familiar faces. Below are some quotes from this year’s participants and some photos that capture the energy of the event.

“Don’t underestimate the collective energy of a passionate group of writers. Inspiring! Kahini lives up to all it promises.” Lisa Bell – Writer

“An essential element of my writing calendar.” – Bee Trudgeon

“An exhilirating experience of writers’ energy and dedication to their craft. To hear their stories, share experiences, and to marvel on their writing timetables.” Michele Morris-Denize

“Brilliant retreat for writers with wonderful workshops, and the sharing with other writers has transformed my writing life. I will be there again next year as soon as it opens to register.”

“The retreat transformed me. Pip Adams was a brilliant workshop facilitator who brought out the best of us in a non-judgemental way so we felt safe sharing. El Rancho is a perfect spot for a retreat. I hope to attend many more of these retreats in the future.” Janet Sayers

“I came away with lots to work on and some great ideas and techniques to get me started. I also learnt a great deal from the writers sharing their writing during our workshop and the freewriting time.”

“The workshop sessions were a true incubator where everyone learnt from everyone else and so much from a skilled teacher in a kind environment . The topic was timely for my work and I’m not sure where else I could have learnt as much about trauma narrative.”

” The writers retreat was a writer’s haven of nourishment, learning and expression, a treat that you should give yourself every so often to keep the flow going.” Denise Hart

“I went as a beginner full of trepidation. I left as an accepted, full member of the writing fraternity.” Roger Biggs

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The dates for the 2019 Retreat will be announced shortly. You can join our mailing list to ensure you here about it first!

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