by Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja

The stars—
They will shine.
I will arrange them
To curve your name
On the dark skies. Tonight,
The fireflies
Will dance in the wind,
Spreading their brilliance.
I will blow them
Into a heart shape.
The birds will not sing
But I will.
Your name I will call
And hold wonder in a cup
Drinking to the memory
Of you and I.


IMG-20160112-WA0006-1Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja is the founder of Writing Our World, an organization in Uganda that uses writing, debate and spoken word to give a platform to people to express themselves. He is an events’ organizer who also runs the the writers’ club ‘Coffee and Books’ that happens monthly in Kampala. In 2014, his story ‘Walls and Borders’ won the Eastern Africa Writivism Literary prize. Contact.